The University of Maryland MRSEC grants ended in September 2013 after 17 years of successful operation. This site remains as a history of the center, but will not be actively maintained.

Shared Experimental Facilities (SEF)

Keck Laboratory for Combinatorial Nanosynthesis and Multiscale Characterization


This state-of-the-art pulsed laser deposition MBE Facility is for the combinatorial growth of multi-functional oxide thin films and nanostructured materials. In situ (RHEED) and ex situ (STM/microwave microscopy) analytical tools are employed to obtain atomically resolved information on structure/composition gradients and fine tune the composition and process parameters.

Instrument Designations:


Multi-mode Microscope

Key Specifications:

UHV-Laser MBE: Multi-mode Microscope:


Dr. Ichiro Takeuchi

Lab Director

(301) 405-6809

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