The University of Maryland MRSEC grants ended in September 2013 after 17 years of successful operation. This site remains as a history of the center, but will not be actively maintained.

Seed 2: Synthesis and Exploration of Topological Insulators

Figure 1
High quality single crystals of bismuth-based topological insulator grown at the Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials.

Senior Investigators

Topological insulators are a newly discovered class of materials with strong potential for impact in both fundamental science and future technologies. Differing from conventional insulators by the presence of a metallic, topologically-protected surface state that is spin-polarized, these materials offer a new avenue for technologies based on the manipulation of electron spin (rather than charge) in solids, as well as potential for other advances in high-mobility devices, spintronics and fault-tolerant quantum computation. This research program is focused on the synthesis, characterization and optimization of topological insulating materials for study by a unique interdisciplinary research team aimed at elucidating the scientific and technological potential of these materials.



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