The University of Maryland MRSEC grants ended in September 2013 after 17 years of successful operation. This site remains as a history of the center, but will not be actively maintained.

Seed 1: Assembly and Immobilization of Functional Nanomaterials for Device Applications

Senior Investigators

Creating specific functional patterns of nanoscale objects is one of the great challenges in nanotechnology. No current single technique can accomplish this goal for a broad range of nanomaterials or combinations of nanomaterials. The focus of our seed project is to develop a general set of techniques for patterning and immobilizing multiple nanoscale objects to form new, functional nanomaterials for a wide range of applications. These techniques will give us the ability to create new materials and devices that will be of fundamental importance and will have significant impacts in physics, chemistry, engineering, and other areas of science and technology. For proof-of-principle of this concept, we are focusing on the creation of new plasmonic nanomaterials.



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