The University of Maryland MRSEC grants ended in September 2013 after 17 years of successful operation. This site remains as a history of the center, but will not be actively maintained.

Information for MRSEC Participants


The logos in this section are provided for the convenience of MRSEC Participants.

Please note that the MRSEC, University of Maryland, and National Science Foundation logos below are the property of the respective institutions and care should be taken not to misuse them. If you have questions regarding the appropriate use of a logo, please contact the institution directly.


MRSEC logo

The MRSEC logo is available in the following sizes and formats:

University of Maryland

For policies on the use of University of Maryland logos, please see the University of Maryland Trademark Licensing site. Information is available for both print media and web marks, as well as additional logo formats.

The UM Primary Mark ("Signature Mark"):

Large University of Maryland Signature Mark®

"The primary mark will appear on stationery, publications, [the University of Maryland] web site, and other highly-visible applications."

Print Versions:
Web Versions (sizes in pixels):

The UM Secondary Mark:

University of Maryland Secondary Mark®

"The secondary mark is an alternative for use on publications, signs, and other applications. This version may be substituted for the primary mark in vertical spaces."

Print Versions:

The UM Informal Seal:

University of Maryland Informal Seal®

"The informal seal may be used when space is limited or as an emblem."

Print Versions:
Web Versions (sizes in pixels):

The UM Formal Seal:

University of Maryland Formal Seal

"The new university seal will be reserved for more formal applications, such as at ceremonies, in presidential communications, and on diplomas and certificates."

Print Versions:

National Science Foundation

For policies on the use of the National Science Foundation logos, please see the NSF Logo Usage and Standards Information. Additional logo formats are also available.

The NSF 4-Color Logo with Shading:

National Science Foundation 4-color logo with shading

"Whenever possible, the 4-color high resolution logo with shading should be used."

Print Versions:
Web Versions (sizes in pixels):

The NSF 4-Color Vector Logo:

National Science Foundation 4-color vector logo

"The 4-color vector logo should be used when size is a concern. Though the high resolution bitmap logo can be scaled quite large, it cannot be sized infinitely. [...] The vector version of the logo, if necessary, could be scaled to the size of a building or any other large type of print."

Print Version:

The NSF Grayscale Logo:

National Science Foundation grayscale logo

"The grayscale vector logo is [a] limited use logo. It should only be used when it is known that it will be printed using a black and white laser printer."

Print Versions:
Web Versions (sizes in pixels):

The NSF Black and White Logo:

National Science Foundation black and white logo

"The 1-ink vector logo is generally limited for use only when the task necessitates that only one ink be used, such as hot stamping on giveaway items. This logo is also approved for use on documents when use of the full color logo takes away from the artistic appeal or when the logo needs to be too small to see the letters clearly on the color logo. In these cases, it may only be used in black or white. There are no exceptions to color choice with this logo."

Print Versions:
Web Versions (sizes in pixels):

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