The University of Maryland MRSEC grants ended in September 2013 after 17 years of successful operation. This site remains as a history of the center, but will not be actively maintained.

Pre-College Programs

Science Road Shows

The UMD-MRSEC takes science road shows to partner schools in order to stimulate and improve science learning by emphasizing fundamental science concepts and building science literacy using more than 50 different demonstrations. Working with teachers, UMD-MRSEC tailor-design shows to accompany conceptual units, laboratories, science fair development, as well as to introduce new concepts, motivate learning, and engage critical thinking. UMD-MRSEC also presents demonstrations in public venues to inspire interest in science and technology among the broader community. Topics include physics, materials science, and Nanoscience. Venues include Six Flags, partner schools, summer camps, professional workshops and conferences, and the International Spy Museum.


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